Canton Tower

Canton Tower

📍Canton Tower 广州塔 , Guangzhou

If you’re in Guangzhou, you’ll have to visit the Canton Tower in the evening. This tower is located in the Haizhu district along the Pearl River (Zhujiang River). Along the Pearl River, they offer night cruises that normally last about 1-2 hours. You’ll be able to see historical sites, new city landmarks, the Haiyin Bridge, Liede Bridge, European styled buildings, and much more.

The island north of the Canton tower is called Haixinsha Island ( 海心沙). If you’re walking along the strip, you’ll find musicians and dancers performing in the evening.

The Canton Tower ( 广州塔) was previously called Guangzhou TV Astronomical and Sightseeing Tower (广州电视台天文及观光塔). In 2010, the tower was officially renamed the Canton Tower ( 广州塔).


There are several different attractions and facilities among this tower. The most popular would be the Ferris Wheel, the Gravity Machine and the Skywalk. The Ferris wheel is considered the world’s “highest” Ferris wheel because it’s located at the top of the Canton Tower (612.2 meters).  It’s able to resist a 8-magnitude earthquake. This Ferris wheel has 16 “Bubble Cars” that takes approximately half an hour to make a full circle around the tower.

The ticket prices are priced at $50 yuan/RMB, $100 yuan/RMB and 150 yuan/RMB. (**These prices are subjected to change**)

Zone A-C (Ground Floor – 32 Floor) – $50 yuan/RMB

Zone D (33 Floor – 67 Floor) – $100 yuan/RMB

Zone E (68 Floor – 107 Floor) – $150 yuan/RMB

They do offer bundles with their different attractions.

Zone D (33 Floor – 67 Floor) + Spiderwalk – $190 yuan/RMB

Zone E (68 Floor – 107 Floor) + Spiderwalk – $230yuan/RMB

Zone E (68 Floor – 107 Floor) + Ferris Wheel – $260 yuan/RMB

Zone E (68 Floor – 107 Floor) + Mega Drop – $260 yuan/RMB

Zone E (68 Floor – 107 Floor + 488 Lookout – $280yuan/RMB




Los Cabos

Los Cabos

We are finally here!! Los Cabos have been good to us so far! The sun decided to come out and play! The week before we arrived it rained four out of seven days. And when we leave, the forecast says it’ll be raining again! Thank you Los Cabos for the perfect weather! 

Been so stressed lately– this has been one of the trips I’ve been looking forwarded to the most. My favourite place to be will always beside the ocean. Bathing under the sun with a cocktail or two in my hands. 

The resort we’re staying at is about a 20 minute drive from Los Cabos International Airport. Across the street is the dolphinarium, but I didn’t see any traffic lights. Therefore, you’ll need to be careful when crossing. Inside the resort there are a couple of restaurants, a few pools/pool-bars, a gym and spa facing the ocean. Daily activities begin at 7AM until 10PM. These activities range from yoga, volleyball, water activities and different performances. After 10PM, they do have a nightclub that’s opened until 3AM.

When we first arrived at our hotel room, there was a little bit of mud that was dragged in from the hallways. But front desk was very helpful and got that cleaned up for us. And also left some rose petals on the bed, and had a pair of swans on the table. 

During the evening, there are lanterns and twinkle lights hung around the pool and bar area. Giving it a very warm and soothing atmosphere.

Unfortunately, the waters here in Los Cabos is not swimmable. The tides are extremely high and if you get caught, you’ll be sweeped away immediately. There are some period when the water is calmer but usually around dinner time.

During hurricane season (April-November), the tides will definitely be stronger. They have signs and flags all along the beach. The resort we went to had these colour indications:

Green Flag – Excellent Condition

Beige Flag – Caution

White Flag – Caution Jellyfish & stringrays 

Red Flag – Bad Weather, Do Not Swim

Black Flag – Extreme Danger, Do Not Swim