My Microblading Eyebrows Experience

My Microblading Eyebrows Experience

Microblading Eyebrows has been really popular these past couple of years. Definitely, the current trend for tattooing eyebrows.

Originally, I was debating between tinting my eyebrows or microblading. I made the decision to get them microbladed because this procedure last about 1 – 3 years. Depending on your lifestyle, aftercare, and skin type, this could last up to 5 years. Whereas tinting starts to fade after 2 – 3 weeks.

What is Microblading?

Microblading Eyebrows is a form of semi-permanent tattoo. Unlike traditional tattoos, microblading uses a manual handheld needle. To create the soft strokes, this blade consist of usually 7, 9, 11 or 12 pin/pong. Depending on the technician and technique, different blade is used.

Preparations for microblading?

For better results, avoid taking any blood thinning medications and drinking alcohol the night before/day of procedure. Alcohol could cause excessive bleeding and sensitivity. The excessive bleeding causes the pigment to be pulled out along with the blood. Usually results in missing hair strokes.

Deciding the shape & shade

Deciding the shape tends to be the longest part of this procedure. A professional wouldn’t be following the current trends. Instead they will be following what best suits your natural brow and face shape.

My technician drew two eyebrow shapes for me to decide. This allowed me to better describe what kind of natural look I wanted. Something I can wake-up in the morning and leave the house with, and if necessary, I could fill in the brows myself.

Getting the correct shade is the easy part. Although I currently have black hair, I tend to switch up my hair colors every now and then. So we went for a medium-light brown.

I knew I was getting my eyebrows microbladed, so I haven’t plucked my eyebrows for about a month. This image is immediately after the procedure.

Does Microblading Eyebrows hurt?

Is it painful is one of the most commonly asked questions. Personally, this procedure did not hurt for me. But this depends on your pain tolerance, if you’ll be having your menstrual cycle soon. This could cause you to be very sensitive to pain.

If I had to compare the level of pain to a different procedure, microblading eyebrows does not hurt as much as laser hair removal or waxing.

A layer of numbing cream is applied and left on for 20 minutes before they start the procedure.

How long does it take to heal and the aftercare?

For most people, the microbladed area starts to scab over on the 4th – 6th day. The peeling begins on the 8th day. This procedure would appear to be healed after 2 weeks. It will not be fully healed for 4 – 6 weeks.

When I had my eyebrows microbladed, the itchiness started on the 5th day. And began to scab over a couple of days after that. During the healing process, it’s important to keep the area moisturized with an after care anti-oxidant cream. Usually it’s provided to you by the technician. Like a traditional tattoo, it’s important to avoid getting soap, water or sweat on the pigmented area until it is fully healed. Avoid rubbing, scratching or picking at any scabs. This causes the pigment to lift/being pulled out.

These two images were taken immediate by Michelle at Meraki Brow Bar after the procedure was done. (Side Note: I need to get my eyelashes done again. That way I can say I woke up like this)

Fourth Week: This is how my eyebrows currently look like without the first touch-up. Already in love !!






Finally… We made it! We’re lucky enough that they extended the tulip festival this year! Although it rained just before we got there. It was still super pretty! (and extremely muddy) The tulip festivals I’ve been to before weren’t muddy so I was definitely not prepared.

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I was debating whether or not to wear boots, but decided to go with these cute heeled sandals. The moment we turned into the parking lot. I was already regretting it. Thankfully, they offered these blue plastic covers for your shoes. Not the most comfortable but it did it’s job.