Canton Tower

Canton Tower

📍Canton Tower 广州塔 , Guangzhou

If you’re in Guangzhou, you’ll have to visit the Canton Tower in the evening. This tower is located in the Haizhu district along the Pearl River (Zhujiang River). Along the Pearl River, they offer night cruises that normally last about 1-2 hours. You’ll be able to see historical sites, new city landmarks, the Haiyin Bridge, Liede Bridge, European styled buildings, and much more.

The island north of the Canton tower is called Haixinsha Island ( 海心沙). If you’re walking along the strip, you’ll find musicians and dancers performing in the evening.

The Canton Tower ( 广州塔) was previously called Guangzhou TV Astronomical and Sightseeing Tower (广州电视台天文及观光塔). In 2010, the tower was officially renamed the Canton Tower ( 广州塔).


There are several different attractions and facilities among this tower. The most popular would be the Ferris Wheel, the Gravity Machine and the Skywalk. The Ferris wheel is considered the world’s “highest” Ferris wheel because it’s located at the top of the Canton Tower (612.2 meters).  It’s able to resist a 8-magnitude earthquake. This Ferris wheel has 16 “Bubble Cars” that takes approximately half an hour to make a full circle around the tower.

The ticket prices are priced at $50 yuan/RMB, $100 yuan/RMB and 150 yuan/RMB. (**These prices are subjected to change**)

Zone A-C (Ground Floor – 32 Floor) – $50 yuan/RMB

Zone D (33 Floor – 67 Floor) – $100 yuan/RMB

Zone E (68 Floor – 107 Floor) – $150 yuan/RMB

They do offer bundles with their different attractions.

Zone D (33 Floor – 67 Floor) + Spiderwalk – $190 yuan/RMB

Zone E (68 Floor – 107 Floor) + Spiderwalk – $230yuan/RMB

Zone E (68 Floor – 107 Floor) + Ferris Wheel – $260 yuan/RMB

Zone E (68 Floor – 107 Floor) + Mega Drop – $260 yuan/RMB

Zone E (68 Floor – 107 Floor + 488 Lookout – $280yuan/RMB



Masayoshi Nigiri Sushi Omakase

Masayoshi Nigiri Sushi Omakase


Finallyyyy! Omakase! We’ve booked this restaurant a few times but things always came up. ~ But we finally got to try it! I think we booked and cancelled at least two times… Which in my opinion was pretty bad… but thankfully they took our reservation this time. I was pretty scared they would blacklist us…

On their website, it says Masayoshi only takes reservations but when we arrived they didn’t ask for our confirmation number. They were about to seat us near the window, but I did give them our confirmation number after because I reserved the bar seats! (If you’re planning to try this restaurant for their Nigiri Sushi Omakase, I definitely recommend the bar seat) Their seating hours are available twice a day! 6:00PM and 8:00PM Monday to Saturday! They offer two Nigiri Sushi Omakases and one “Original Creation Omakase”, which is a 7 course meal including hot and cold dishes. The difference between the two Nigiri Sushi Omakase would be the pieces and the appetizer.

Nigiri Sushi Omakase – $80 – offers 14 pieces of Nigiri Sushi, Miso Soup, and dessert

Nigiri Sushi Omakase – $110 – offers 16 pieces, appetizer, miso soup, dessert  *** number of pieces in this course is subject to change depending on ocean conditions, quality of fish and availability ***

My friend and I decided on the 14 piece Nigiri Sushi Omakase ~ We sat bar seats so we saw the difference between the 14 and 16 piece. (The only item that really stood out was the uni. The packaging looked exactly like the uni you can buy at Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo!!!) We did end up ordering their special of the day after our main omakase course. Which wasn’t bad…

Out of all the fresh fish I tried that night, I think their saba was the best. I know many people tend to dislike and avoid saba because of the “fishy” smell and taste. Sometimes, the strong scent can linger around for a couple hours. But, saba is one of my personal favourites ~ So, I don’t have an issue with it. Hahah~

The duration of this meal was about an hour and half. We arrived a bit late but we did finish around the same time as everyone else (4 other people at the bar seat). It actually didn’t feel like we were there for an hour and half! Probably because we did order some sake/plum wine ~ So time actually went by a lot quicker than expected. An hour and half wasn’t even a long time but it felt like we were done in like 30 min! Chef Masayoshi Baba served the Nigiri Sushi pretty quick.




Hong Kong Staircase Omakase | Fishman Fukuoka |福岡.烏龍魚男

Hong Kong Staircase Omakase | Fishman Fukuoka |福岡.烏龍魚男

📍Fishman Fukuoka |福岡.烏龍魚男 | Hong Kong,香港

Address[地址]: 灣仔灣仔道221A號地下 | G/F, 221A, Wanchai Road, Wan Chai

When you first enter they will serve you a non-alcholic Welcome Drink on a wooden leaf platter. The Welcome Drink was a mix of pineapple and orange juice.

Their menu is in English and Chinese, and about 70% of the menu has pictures. What attracted me to this restaurant was the staircase Omakase sets! Other than the staircase Omakase sets, the way they display their sashimi sets are really unique. Instead of the staircase, it’s placed on a log platter. Very instagrammable !

What is Omakase?

In Japan, Omakase is letting the chef decide the dishes for you. Normally, they would choose the freshest items of that day. But that depends on the restaurant. Basically, the term “Omakase” is either Chef’s Selection or ‘Daily Special’. The items could be different each time you visit. It’s entirely based on what is the freshest items.

We were the first customers of the day! (Since we arrived around 12PM) There was a couple of deliveries (Lots of fresh seafood!!!)!


We ordered two different types of Omakases. The top staircase is the 9 Course Sushi Omakase Set [Omakase Sushi in Fishman Style, 魚男九段寿司滥 9貫] that comes with udon. The bottom staircase is the 9 Course Sashimi Omakase Set [Omakase Sashimi in Fishman Style, 魚男九段盛剌身] that comes with rice.

Cost: HKD $ 596 【CAD $98】

The chef recommended we start from the bottom to the top for the Sushi Omakase Set. And start from the top to the bottom for the Sashimi Omakase Set.

Since I wanted to have the sushi last, we had the sashimi sets first!


The 9 Course Sashimi Omakase starting from the top to the bottom!


The 9 Course Sushi Omakase starting from the bottom to the top!

The quality of each item isn’t bad. But I would recommend eating it when it arrives! I think we took too long taking photos. The sashimi felt really warm… like room temperature sashimi…

Presentation – 4/5

Service – 3.5/5

Quality – 3.5/5 (This could be my fault for not eating it when the waitress first placed down the sets)

Overall, the experience was nice! But I probably wouldn’t come back unless they have another ‘special’ presentation item.

i CREMERiA | CREMADORO 純金北海道牛奶雪糕

i CREMERiA | CREMADORO 純金北海道牛奶雪糕

📍 i CREMERiA | Hong Kong, 香港

Address[地址]: Shop F-9, 1/F, 11-19 Great George Street, Fashion Walk, Causeway Bay | 銅鑼灣Fashion Walk記利佐治街11-19號1樓F-9號舖

CREMADORO純金北海道牛奶雪糕 | i CREMERiA Milk Soft Cream topped with 99% finest edible Gold Leaf

【美肌をはぐくむ金箔の力 Gold leaves can accelerate metabolism and balance the pH level in our body which helps to enhance intestines and skin health. We serve you the best!】

Cost: HKD $ 98.00 【CAD $16】

The CREMADORO 純金北海道牛奶雪糕 is vanilla soft serve with a two sheets of edible gold leaves on top. The vanilla soft serve was very delicious but the cone could have been better. The edible gold leaf is actually tasteless, you don’t really notice it when you’re eating. But it does stick to your lips pretty well. As advertised, the gold leaves are suppose to accelerate metabolism and balance the pH levels in our body.

Presentation wise, the Cremadoro is very pretty. 【I actually read some reviews for the other locations, they don’t put the gold sheet on properly… The final product does not look as advertised. I think I got pretty lucky!】

Taste wise, the cone definitely could have been better! It felt very stale… I went around 3 PM but the cone felt like it has been there overnight…

The store itself is pretty small, there isn’t room for you to eat inside the store. There’s a counter for you to order and that’s about it. There were a few photos in the background. Around 6 photos. Outside the store, there are two tables for you to sit and enjoy the ice cream.

Overall, I do think this ice-cream is a bit over hyped but definitely worth the IG photo.

icremeria menu.jpgicremeria_selfieicremeria_decori CREMERiA ice-cream

Other Locations:

Shop 13, 4/F, Langham Place, 8 Argyle Street, Mong Kok | 旺角亞皆老街8號朗豪坊4樓13號舖

Shop OT-G03A, Ocean Terminal, Harbour City, 3-27 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui | 尖沙咀廣東道3-27號海港城海運大廈地下OT-G03A號舖

Shop 15, B2/F, Sogo, 555 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay | 銅鑼灣軒尼詩道555號崇光百貨B2樓15號舖

Shop P125, 1/F, World Trade Center, 280 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay | 銅鑼灣告士打道280號世貿中心1樓P125號舖

Starry Nails ✨

Starry Nails ✨

✓ Starry / Galaxy Nails

I’ve noticed that the starry / galaxy nails have been trending all over instagram lately. Since I’ll be going on a short Asia trip, I thought I’ll give this style a try!

The nail technician I went to this time just graduated this year from Blanche Macdonald. She has been a lash technician for a few years now, and decided to do nails as well. I found her on instagram under the #vancouvernails.

I was pretty indecisive during this nail session. I had a few designs but couldn’t decide which one. This nail session took about 3 hours because I couldn’t decide. This is actually one of the longest nail sessions I’ve ever had. Normally, my sessions around 30 minutes to an hour max. But the nail technician I normally go to has “retired”.

The image above, my left and right nails respectively. Each nail has a different design. I thought the moon nail art was a bit too thick but they were the only moon nail art she had. (That wasn’t a sticker)

☾ Price List ☽

Hard Gel with one colour – $60

Gel Polish – $30

Additional colours per nail – $2+

Nail Art – $3+

Removal Hard Gel – $30

with Nail Art – $2~$5

Gel Polish Removal – $15

with Nail Art – $2~$5

Below, I have put her contact information and price list if anyone is interested in booking.

Lisa Liang, Nail Technician

IG @createdbyleesaw

Email –


海胆 | Sea Urchin Day

It’s almost spring!! The weather just started to get a bit warmer. Which means I can finally put all my big jackets into storage and bring out my dresses! I remember I used to wear a dress almost everyday a few years ago (rain or shine). But lately I’ve been really into big sweaters. Especially grey sweaters… or grey anything.

I was near the fisherman’s wharf market having a late lunch. And when I was finished I realized the marketplace was still open! Even though most boats were closed, I was still able to purchase some uni! Which was the only item I actually wanted to buy! The boat only sold uni, the small sea urchins were 3 for $10.00 and the jumbos were $5.00 each! I was debating between the small and the jumbo, but ended up getting all jumbos.

I only had a minute or so to look at their diagram on ‘How To Open A Sea Urchin’.

First, you flip it onto the side where it’s flat. You’ll see a small opening, use a pair of scissor to widen the opening. The proper way is to cut enough so your able to crack it in half with your hands. But after trial and error, I found it was easier to cut a little bit, and then pour out the water or seaweed inside. Then split the uni in half. Use a spoon to gently remove the pieces of uni and discard everything that is not orange/yellow. Do not eat any of the black parts! After removing the uni, gently rinse under water. Pick off anything that is not orange/yellow and then pat dry.